Autumn Winter Color Trends 2022 - 2023

Do you need help with your autumn-winter outfits? Take note of the current fashion trends for the season so you can adapt it to your own style.

When it comes to fashion, autumn is not all about dark colors. Fuchsia, red, lilac and green rocked spring and summer, but they are here to stay for the 2022-2023 fall-winter trends. We know these colors may not be your first choice (most of us love neutral colors), so we have some great tips in case you want to try the colors of the season. 

Invest In a Total Fuschia Look

This year, pink will be in its most striking, vivid and fluorescent version. Almost neon. Fuchsia is an energetic, hypnotic color that invites optimism, so bet on it if you want to give your style a boost of energy. In addition, you can combine it with other bright colors, but also with neutral tones.

How To Wear

We suggest that you get a beautiful jacket that stand out from the rest of the outfit. Match it with neutral colors, or go fuschia all the way!

Mix Brown With Black

Black is a great ally. But this year, designers have offered an alternative: brown. This color is elegant, chic and perfect for any occasion.

How To Wear

Brown, in all its versions, is a versatile tone that will give you a lot of play. So why not mix both brown and black? 

Bring Out Your Fashionista Side With the Lilac Very Peri

Sometimes we stay in our comfort zone when it comes to style. The lilac will get you out of it, but it will be worth it. It is a feminine color and one of the most chosen this year by fashionistas. This autumn-winter will also take.

This will be your color if your colorimetry is summer. Combine it with white, beige, brown or denim if you want to go more casual. Do you fancy wearing an ultratrendy combination? Mix & match with lime green or orange.

How To Wear

If you feel like something new now, try lilac. You can combine a lilac top with jeans, and some boots to get a sweet and smooth look.

Wrap Yourself In Passion Red

Red is intense, visceral and energetic. It's one of the most iconic colors in the fashion world and there are endless ways to wear it. This year, two shades of red will be the protagonists of our closet: intense red and wine red.

Intense red will bring energy to your looks. On the catwalks, they also play with materials such as PVC or leather effect, as Alexander McQueen, Versace and Bottega Veneta have demonstrated. 

The second shade of red that will be seen this fall-winter of 2022-2023 will be wine red. This shade is elegant, chic and perfect for velvet garments in dresses or coats.

How To Wear

We suggest you combine passion red in a casual look. You could get a coat like ours as a statement piece, and match it with a neutral color, so the coat stands out.


Go Green

Green is nature, hope and relaxation. From Gucci to Valentino, grass green is chosen as an alternative to more classic colors like blue or black.

How To Wear

The winning combination: accompany it with white or jeans, although you can also try it with black. You can get started with simply wearing a top, while matching it with jeans, or white.