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Token Tips: Faux fur


Here at LoveTokenUS, we love a great faux fur piece that gives you the luxury feeling without the luxury price tag.

While water and heat damage can completely ruin your furs, another benefit of faux fur is that they can usually handle more wear and tear than real fur pieces.

 To extend the life of your faux furs, we recommend treating your faux furs as if they were real fur pieces.

 The following process is via and covers step-by-step process on how to repair a faux fur piece that has been lightly heat damaged. 

Some helpful tips before we start:

1. Even if a garment says its safe for Iron use on low, here at Love Token we use a fabric steamer to get any wrinkles out of the faux/fur before sending out to our customers. Steamers also help with refreshing a stale piece. Steam the garment on a hanger from the inside to prevent heat or water damage.


2. Never put your furs in the washer or dryer. We advise professional fur care or dry cleaning for faux. If you really have to wash or dry your faux fur, be sure to

  • turn it inside out,
  • use the most delicate setting, and
  • hang dry or tumble dry without heat.
  • Remove your faux fur AS SOON AS it's done drying, if not before.

heat damage before and after, love token us

"Faux fur, or fake fur, provides a means of enjoying the warmth, comfort and appearance of fashion fur without the expense or the necessity of an animal death. One drawback to faux fur, however, is that it is often made from plastics and is therefore prone to melting.

While some cases of melting may mean that your fur can't be repaired, with minor melting you can remove the solidified portions and trim the remaining fur so that the damage is difficult to notice, making the garment suitable to wear once again.

Step 1

Lay the fur flat on a table, clean floor or other flat, hard surface. Position it so that you can bring your face close to the hairs to examine them as you work. Arrange your room or work lights so that the fur is well-lit and easy to see.

Step 2

Comb the fur around the spot where the hairs are burned. Separate the unburned strands from the burned and melted ones, combing them away from the affected area as if you were making a part in your own hair.

Step 3

Stand up the fur in the affected area using hairspray. Spray lightly. Use your fingertips to flatten the hair that you've parted away from the burnt hair; this will keep the undamaged hair out of the way while you cut away the burned portion from the tops of the damaged hairs.

Step 4

Cut the melted plastic portions out of the fur using thread scissors. Comb the hair up, then cut small portions at a time at the point on the hairs where the melted or burned area starts. Go slowly and carefully; try to cut just those portions--don't worry about making the fur lengths uneven, yet.

Step 5

Even out the length of the fur with a beard trimmer. Trim around the affected area, tapering the length of the fur in a circle around it, leaving it gradually longer and longer until you're no longer trimming at all. This will create a gradual change in the length, one which looks more like an animal's natural differences in fur length."


Have you had trouble with melting a section of your faux fur during drying or ironing? Let us know how this hack works!


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