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Token Tips: How to Get Rid of Odors in Your Fur Garments

There are tons of reasons that your fur piece might have a slight or strong order. The cause could be anything from

  • Improper storage habits
  • moisture
  • natural oils
  • perfumes and makeup

Here at Love Token, We always recommend taking your fur pieces to a local furrier who has a track record of storing, cleaning, repairing and restyling your fur pieces.

This professional will place your coat in a drum filled with sawdust, walnut shells, or pumice, and a cleaning solution. Then, the drum will begin tumbling to effectively remove dirt, oil, smudges, and odors.

Restoring the Coat

Afterward, the furrier will apply a glazing solution to restore the coat’s sheen and soft texture. Sometimes, the professional will add a whitening agent for dingy white coats. You should have a furrier repeat this process once per year.

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Your furrier is equipped with temperature, humidity and light controlled storage facilities to protect fur. Have fur cleaned annually by a fur specialist, definitely not dry cleaner.

During warmer months it's less likely to have cleaning routines for your furs at the top of your priority list.

So what happens when you have an event coming up with no time to get to your local furrier?

Today we're sharing some tips via on how to gently lift those odors with the least amount of contact with your fur possible.

***As always, Never Wash or Spray your Fur with Any Liquid***

Getting Rid of Odors

Step 1 – Place Coat in a Bag

To get rid of accumulated odors on your expensive coat, first place it in a vinyl garment bag. (The vinyl bag is only for this process..otherwise your furs should be placed in a cotton garment bag so that the hide can breathe)

Step 2 – Add Coffee Grinds

Put a container of fresh coffee grounds at the bottom of the bag, zip it up, and allow the coat to absorb the aroma.

If you only have coffee beans, you can grind them first using a blender or food processor. Stir the grounds daily. Leave the coat in the zipped bag until the odor is no longer evident. The coffee smell should clear in a few days.

Step 3 – Store it Properly

If the fur retains the coffee aroma, hang it outside in dry area until it smells fresh. You can then store it in the closet or a garment rack. To keep dust and debris off your fur when it's not in use, consider making a garment rack cover and/or storing your fur back in the 100% cotton garment bag.

Additional tips

Never attempt to moth-proof a fur yourself. Home treatments are no substitute for professional cleaning and storage. Avoid spraying perfume or hairspray onto your fur.

If you need tips on how to care for your fur garments during fur season, check out our Article Token Tips: Everyday Fur Care Tips




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