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Token Tips: Fur Repairs

#LoveTokenTips During the Summer 🌞🔥 months is the perfect time to examine your furs and faux furs with enough time to get them repaired before Fall. While Love Token does not repair your furs if they are damaged (you can look up professional fur repair in your area) Here are some precautions you should take before the Fall and Winter months approach.

Damaged, Ripped Fur, Love token us
Small rips can grow into major tears very easily, especially if you DIY your fur storage. (Professional Fur Storage is always recommended)
This also applies to your shearling, leather, or fur-trimmed coats.

Have them all repaired by an expert to save yourself headache 😣😪 down the road.

FYI: Fur experts recommend having your fur examined and repaired at LEAST once a year. 

Minor damage from regular wear and tear is completely normal, so don’t worry if you notice a new tear since you last wore your fur coat in the winter.

If a rip or tear is very severe, ask your professional fur repair service about restyling your fur. This is a great option for someone who wants to repurpose and old or damaged fur and create another warm look. Some furriers can even repurpose Furs for Summer use!

Info via Fox + Klaff


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