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Token Tips: How to Clean Your Faux Fur

Here at LoveTokenUS, we love a great faux fur piece that gives you the luxury feeling without the luxury price tag.

While water and heat damage can completely ruin your furs, another benefit of faux fur is that they can usually handle more wear and tear than real fur pieces. Although Faux Fur can get wet, it doesn't mean it should.

 To extend the life of your faux furs, we recommend treating your faux furs as if they were real fur pieces.

Here's an excerpt from with steps on "Cleaning Your Faux Fur"

They start off with great tips for weekly care, to minimize having to wash your faux furs excessively. 

 Weekly Care

When it comes to weekly care, there isn't much to do as long as you keep up storage rules, but there is the weekly brushing that you should keep up on, especially if you wear your faux fur garments often. 

Using a soft-bristled brush, brush the fur WITH the grain gently. Brushing your faux fur helps to remove surface-level dirt and debris build-up and remove and prevent matting the fibers.

brushing your faux fur, faux fur care, Love token us

TOKEN TIP: If you have pets, you can use their clean pet brush to de-tangle and smooth out any matting.

This keeps it looking nicer for longer without having to wash it! You should also smooth your hand over the fur to make sure it lies naturally after you brush it. You can do this as necessary, or once a week is fine!


Washing and Cleaning

In contrast to real fur fabrics, it is possible to wash faux fur fabrics and garments, but you still shouldn't do it more than necessary. With real fur, both water and heat will damage the product, but faux fur is made of synthetic fibers, so water doesn't damage it, but heat still does. Avoid using heat on your furs, with steaming being the exception.

Mashine Washing  Machine washing faux fur, instructions via Love Token US

It is safe to wash your faux furs in the washing machine. However, you need to change a couple things before just tossing your garment in the wash:

1. Turn the garment inside-out! This helps reduce friction and agitation on your fur fabrics and it will help them last longer.

2. Wash the garment in cool or cold water settings with a gentle detergent to keep the fibers from matting. Remember, we want to remove heat from the process as much as possible. This also helps to prevent the faux fur piles from frizzing.

3. This also means NO DRYERSPERIOD. Don't even think about it. You'll regret it if you dry your faux fur in a dryer, even on low heat. It doesn't ever turn out well. Clumps and matting galore.

NOTE: If you do ever incur heat damage with your faux fur, we shared an article here on "How to Fix Melted Faux Fur"

 4. Air drying is a must! Hang your garment up somewhere dry and warm so it can dry out safely.


Spot cleaning fur, Love Token US

If you're worried about the possibility of your machine ruining your faux fur or if your machine doesn't have the above settings available, you can also use spot cleaning to take care of stains on your garments. 

Spot cleaning is great for exactly that, spots that need cleaning when the rest of the garment is fine otherwise, and it should be used as needed before resorting to a full machine wash. 

To spot-clean your faux fur garment, you'll need a washcloth, warm water (note: NOT HOT!) to soak the washcloth in and clean with, and gentle detergent.

This method is more for general use (i.e don't except pen ink to come out easily!) and should be done as soon as possible after the stain is made to improve chances of lifting the stain. Here are some tips:

  • Take your washcloth and soak it in the warm water and put a drop of the gentle detergent on a wet spot.
  • Scrub the washcloth together first to agitate the soap --- DON'T DROP DETERGENT DIRECTLY ON THE GARMENT. 
  • Use the soapy spot and, in small gentle circles, try to scrub out the stain.
  • Only use more effort to scrub if there isn't any improvement in lifting the stain.
  • You want to avoid leaving detergent residue if possible.
  • Once you have lifted the stain, use a clean and still wet part of the wash cloth and wipe at the area to remove any lingering detergent.
  • Let it air dry and you're all done!

Another handy spot-cleaning hack specifically for removing odors around the under-arm areas of faux fur garments (it applies to most fabrics in general too!) Steaming this area of a garment helps remove bacteria which cause the odors, so keep this in mind if you're ever trying to clean here!

 Steaming your faux fur, Love Token US

Those were just a couple of Mood Sewciety's tips mixed in with ours to help you get the most out of your faux furs! Don't forget to browse our FAUX FUR collection to grab an exciting new piece! And now, you know exactly how to care for it!


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